FOLLOWING PUTIN'S DOCTRINE:When Vučić's progressives start denazification

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FOLLOWING PUTIN'S DOCTRINE: When Vučić's progressives start denazification

The scenario of Vučić's failed play is always the same: first, he causes tensions and riots, announces the possibility of war for who knows what reason, declares the Serbs an endangered species, and then prays for peace and calming of tensions. The progressive camarilla is most reminiscent of those criminals from movies who charge the owners of shops, restaurants, and stores in their area for protection - they take their racket in order to protect them from themselves.

When Vučić's progressives start denazification
Aleksandar Vučić in Srebrenica (foto Adi Kebo/

While the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, performed another demonstration exercise in the popular discipline "The Serbian Trumpet can be heard from Kosovo" (“Srpska se truba s Kosova čuje”), the officials of his party were deployed in combat positions, in accordance with the war schedule assigned to them by Vučić, from where they carried out military tasks. One of the more visible instigators, Vladimir Đukanović, wrote on his Twitter account a discreet message to the residents of Kosovo, as well as to all others who have the misfortune of bordering advanced Serbia: "To me, everything seems to be suggesting that Serbia will be forced to begin the denazification of the Balkans. I would like to be wrong".

Đukanović is a member of the Main Board of the Serbian Progressive Party, a member of parliament, and a lawyer for special operations. Despite the fact that he has no experience as a lawyer, he really liked representing the owner of the largest marijuana plantation in Europe, Predrag Koluvija, and the former state secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dijana Hrkalović. So, it is not some secondary member or minor official of the ruling party, but one of Vučić's closest associates and a trusted man, his comrade from the old radical days when they together spread the hatred towards everything that is not Serbian.

Advanced denazifier

Đukanović did not stop at one tweet. People who are not fans of Putin's aggression against Ukraine under the somewhat forgotten pretext of "denazification" reacted violently to his heinous announcement, and they are not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of Serbia starting wars of aggression in the neighbourhood again. To all this, Đukanović retorted: "Wow, the “dvojkakrugaški svet” (meaning: those living in Serbia but accepting the modern Western type of lifestyle) are upset because I wrote that Serbia might have to initiate the denazification of the Balkans. I understand that, they always supported every Serbian enemy, from the Ustasha, the Ballistas, the Handschars... In actuality they were Nazis, and they were dear to the sacred heart of the “dvojkakrugaški svet” ".

While the SNS official was announcing new wars, potential ethnic cleansing, destruction and even genocide on social media, his boss unsuccessfully played a peacemaker in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time. The scenario of Vučić's failed play is always the same: first, he causes tensions and riots, announces the possibility of war for who knows what reason, declares the Serbs an endangered species, and then prays for peace and for the calming of tensions. The progressive camarilla is most reminiscent of those criminals from movies who charge the owners of shops, restaurants, and stores in their area for protection - they take their racket in order to protect them from themselves.

It is praised to die for your identity card

Admittedly, Vučić doesn't really like this appeal for peace, it's hard for him to get used to the role of the one who prevents conflicts, it just doesn't suit him. After calling all conflicting parties to reason, the president concluded: "If they don't want to keep the peace, I'm telling you - Serbia will win." Well, yes, the last time Vučić defeated the NATO pact was in 1999, when he was the Minister of Information and Censorship, why is it difficult for him to defeat the strongest military alliance in the history of the world once again. And all this is because of the intention of the Kosovo authorities to introduce a new border crossing regime, all because of Serbian identity cards and license plates that should no longer be valid in Kosovo.

I don't remember that the president and his progressives were elected by the voters in the elections to lead the country into war because of trivial documents, that pre-election promise did not exist. They were elected to solve problems of various kinds, including those of an administrative nature, to make people's lives easier, and not to force them to give their lives for their homeland and license plates. What would an ancient Roman poet say: It is praised to die for your identity card!

A false penitent

Đukanović has been thinking for a long time about where to start his denazification campaign, following the example of Putin. At first, he wanted to invade Kosovo, but then he realized that they wouldn't let him cross the border, so he postponed that plan for later. And he didn't really think that he was personally putting his own ideas into practice, he was not cannon fodder, but the political wing of a potential criminal enterprise. In crime, just like in any other serious business, the most important thing is a good division of labour. Đukanović, as a planner of future denazification and a political leader, does not deserve to risk his head in a trench or on the front line. It is known who needs to die, his beloved people to whom he constantly swears, and it is also known who needs to be in a comfortable background, to build a career and profit from other people's corpses. Because if there are no politicians and controversial businessmen who profit from the conflict of war, the war would really have no meaning.

In the end, Đukanović decided to start his denazification campaign on the familiar, home turf, at the TV Pink studio, to which he went that same evening. There he immediately played the role of a penitent, a man who sinned against his beloved leader and sprinkled ashes on his head. "I am obliged to the entire public to apologize here. I was a terribly irresponsible person today, unfortunately, I accept that. I wrote one more joke tweet that caused an incredible avalanche. I caused a big problem for Aleksandar Vučić and my country because of that tweet, but I accept my responsibility," said Đukanović in an act of apparent remorse.

Vučić's game plan

The roles in these plays by Vučić are always divided in the same way. His collaborators, various hawks led by Aleksandar Vulin and similar instigators of hatred, are responsible for the real tension, threats of war, chaos and conflicts. After that, Vučić's tabloids elaborate the assigned theses to the point of insanity, announce hell for Serbs, attack the surrounding nations and states, fuel the story of self-victimization, and put the population in a state of combat readiness. In the end, when the atmosphere reaches a fever pitch, when everyone thinks that the war has just begun - Vučić appears with his messages of peace and stability.

Having accused his collaborators of inciting war, he came to them something like Mother Teresa. That is why Đukanović pretends on Pink that he did something contrary to the will of the supreme ruler of Serbia, and it is much more likely that they agreed on everything in advance, perhaps even mentioning the famous denazification. And this transparent charade goes over well with a large part of the electorate every time. The fact that Đukanović continued to write about denazification the next day, as if nothing had happened, as if he had not sent the president a repentant message the night before, is in support of the thesis that it is a pre-prepared scenario in which it is known exactly who is doing what and what is being said.

A state of constant combat readiness

In recent years, the progressives have been known to provoke tensions with practically all the countries in the surrounding area, this is one of the fundamental pillars of their so-called politics. They use every opportunity to destabilize the Balkans, to create unrest, and to keep their own citizens in a state of constant combat readiness. Their tabloids, led by "Informer", announce war every other day, only in these announcements do the opponents of Serbia change, sometimes they are Albanians, sometimes Croats, then Bosniaks, Montenegrins, and often the entire Western world. And this state of unbroken tensions never ends: as soon as Vučić ended the fight with Croatia over the non-existent visit to Jasenovac, he immediately opened a new front towards Kosovo. And in a few days, it will be Croatia's turn again, as it is every year during the anniversary of the "Storm" (“Oluja”) campaign. And then someone else's turn will come.

There is no doubt that the progressives who have never given up on the radical Greater Serbian agenda would start new war conflicts tomorrow, if they judged that it was worth it and that the international political circumstances were a little different. This is what they hoped for when Russia started its aggression against Ukraine, this is what the local nationalists have been waiting for, for decades, trusting that Vladimir Putin will overthrow the international order and thus give the Serbian forces a chance for the second half and the final showdown with their neighbours. Hence Đukanović's call for denazification, following the example of Putin's destruction of Ukraine and satirization of Ukrainians.

Progressive-nationalist Serbia wishes for such a scenario for the Balkans as well, they don't even hide it, as we can see from the example of one of the leading SNS officials. Adherents of crime and mass murderers, Serbian and Russian, can never get enough of slaughter and suffering, their only joy in life is to cause human misfortune on the greatest possible scale and in quantities. It is only fortunate that Putin's war does not go as planned, thanks to the heroic resistance of Ukraine, so that there will be no famous change in international circumstances in the direction that the nationalists desire. And the fact that Serbia is surrounded by the NATO pact narrows the space for progressive hawks to create unrest, so they mostly have to stir up trouble in a glass of water. And that they dream wet dreams about a unique type of denazification in history, the one that is carried out by Nazi means.