tv žurnal:Watch the film “Black List”

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tv žurnal: Watch the film “Black List”

Žurnal is publishing the film "The Black List" about persons and companies that are sanctioned by the United States of America.

Watch the film “Black List”

The film "The Black List" focuses on the reasons why individuals and companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina were placed on the list of sanctions by the administration of the United States of America in 2022, primarily due to their connection with corruption and criminal groups and anti-state activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Will the judiciary now more consistently investigate allegations of their abuse of position and other illegalities? How much can the evidence in the possession of the USA help the prosecutors? Who is disturbed by the sanctions, and who most denies the decisions of the US administration? Why did the American ambassador compare numerous examples of corruption in BiH to scenes from movies about the mafia?

Milorad Dodik as a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić, until recently President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Marinko Čavara, delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina Asim Sarajlić, former president of the HJPC Milan Tegeltija, state prosecutor Gordana Tadić and Dijana Kajmaković, Minister of Health of the RS Alen Šeranić, founder of the Democratic Action Movement Mirsad Kukić and Slobodan Stanković, owner of the company "Integral Inženjering Laktaši".

Watch the movie "Black list"