TV ŽURNAL IS SHOWING:Watch Film: "State against David"


TV ŽURNAL IS SHOWING: Watch Film: "State against David"

If there is justice for David, there is hope for all of us ...

Watch Film: "State against David"
Žurnal's film "State against David" reconstructs the last hours of the life of David Dragičević, comparing contradictory police findings with the evidence in the possession of the family, and points to a kind of phenomenon of civil rebellion of the group "Justice for David".

Twenty-one-year-old David Dragičević was found dead on March 24 this year. The police treats his death as an accidental suicide. In addition, David was characterized as a robber and drug addict.

For more than two months, David's father Davor, with friends and thousands of individuals gathered in the "Justice for David" group, points out that the real truth is contained in several sentences:

David Dragičević did not commit suicide!

David Dragičević is not a robber!

David Dragičević is not a drug addict!

David Dragičević was killed!